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John Hanti, President
SST Studios and Rentals

Weehawken, NJ
Tom Easley, Owner
Audio Visual Arts
Jackson, MS
Vernon Taylor
The Indian Dog Whisperer
Indianapolis, IN

Acker Creative and Steve Acker have been doing a great job with us for over 10 years. He has exceeded all expectations from doing our web site to organizing our print ads. He has handled all the day to day communications with the printers, as well as the sales forces at many of our outlets and without fail gets the job completed with zero failure rate. Acker Creative is extremely thorough when it comes to detail. I find this to be true as well when it comes to music production and songwriting. When I need a music bed for anything Acker Creative comes up with the goods. We've done several documentaries and shorts and they've supplied all the music and it's exceeded our expectations. This is a 100% soup-to-nuts one-stop when it comes to creative marketing and advertising.

Tommy McCoy, President
Microphome Mic Cleaner
Tampa Bay, FL

I've known and worked with Steve for decades. He has always maintained the highest of standards and best of all, he gets things done. I have co-oped with steve on studio projects, live recordings and creative compositions. Always pleasant attitude, easy to work with and a creative tour de' force. And did I mention, he knows how to jump into a project and complete things in a timely manner. Very professional and never funny with money. My kinda guy. Steve was very helpful designing numerous marketing campaigns for my mic cleaning product "Microphome".

I have worked with Steve since the late 1970's we have made records, jingles for radio and TV. His creative energy and drive is infectious, working with Steve brings your on creativity alive. When I decided to start my new remote recording studio, Acker Creative was the first call I made, within hours I had a logo that jumped off the page. We also produced the regional hit, Bulldog Blitz, for Mississippi State College. I would recommend Acker Creative for all of your media needs.

Ary Wright, President
One World Charity
Jackson, MS

We chose Steve to write our book from the Elance website. We were impressed with his grasp of our business and his ideas right from our first meeting. After traveling with us to our sessions for five days and interviewing us at length, he proceeded to fashion a book that we are very proud of. He not only wrote it, based on the interviews, he also came up with the title (Problem Pup to Perfect Pup) and designed the whole book, as well, including the cover that everybody loves. The Indiana Dog Whisperer highly recommends Acker Creative.

Brandon Fant, Sales Mgr
The Roof Guys
Houston, TX/Denver, CO

Craig Roberts

Phoenix, AX

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Steve Acker on one of my songs, “Smoky Mountain Way.” Steve added new guitar parts with background vocals and effects that enhanced my song tremendously! Appreciated his professionalism and talent!

Ting Markulin, Guitarist
The Human Beinz
Youngstown, OH

Jeff Allegrezza, Former President 
Teclink (TEC)
Jackson, MS

Steve is a top notch creative person who does what it takes to realize success. He crafted a campaign that resulted in hundreds of new clients for us. He came up with the ideas, wrote the creative, built relationships with local media, personally appeared on the radio, generated all kinds of buzz. A+. I highly recommend him.

Steve did a wonderful job on the Human Beinz "Live at Mickey's" songs! He gave us a mix and a balance that we didn't think was possible because of the way it was recorded; the quality of the machine was not that good. But he did it and I thank him  He .made those songs sound like we actually sounded back in the day!!! I would recommend that anyone who needs recording help look up Acker Creative!! 

I worked with Steve for several years on advertising campaigns in Mississippi, Colorado, and Texas. We contracted him to create our companies' sales materials and design regional websites to attract new customers. His knowledge of advertising and his unique creative abilities are unsurpassed, and he was a real pleasure to work with. His work was always on point, on time and on budget. More importantly, it produced results.  If you are looking for someone to take your business advertising to the next level, Steve is your man.

Steven Acker is by far the finest advertising person I have ever worked with. His intuition and his comprehension of my business were astounding. His writing and design work could not have been better. And he is so easy and pleasant to work with!

Steve is great to work with, his energy is infectious and his talent is irrefutable. I have learned a lot about songwriting and production from Steve. He can work in a multitude of ways whether he is a tune-smith, arranger, player, and/or producer. Never a dull moment with Steve, he knows how to get things done.

Damian Knapp, Bluesmaster
Warren, OH
Coleen Angel, Strobe Lighting
Pittsburgh, PA 

Steven Acker is a force to be reckoned with. His knowledge and creativity are everything we need to help our business grow! Talent abounds this man! Musically and artistically, well spoken, he always makes us feel comfortable. It is a true pleasure to work with this best-in-class performer! TEAM ACKER CREATIVE!!!

Bill Hanti, Math Tutor One-on-One
Cape Coral, FL

Mr. Acker and I have something very much in common, and that's tenacity. I was introduced to Steve via my brother John Hanti at SST. The quality of his work and attention to detail are phenomenal. I went live 02/10/19 and booked my first client 02/13/19. The proof is in the pudding baby!!!

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