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the story of sst studios

THE STORY OF SST parallels the story of the modern music industry. Founder and President, John Hanti, got his first lessons in the business as a child sitting at the feet of early R&B artists like Ray Charles and Little Richard in his father’s chitlin’ circuit nightclub. He prodigiously absorbed both their musical and business acumen. Throughout the early rock and roll explosion, he worked in the industry first as a regional rock star, later as a booking agent, and then as a backline pioneer during the 1980s “Second British Invasion.”

In 1983, he founded Studios, Systems, and Transport in Manhattan to serve the touring needs of British post-punk bands making their first appearances in the States. Early success led SST to New Jersey later in the decade, where Hanti eventually settled the business in its current Weehawken location. The company expanded from backline into full-service recording, rehearsal, and touring services, hosting some of the world’s most celebrated artists

A serious auto accident in 2012, followed a month later by the devastation of Superstorm Sandy, interrupted the company’s momentum for several years. Today, SST is fully rebuilt and fully operational. Hanti, too, is recovered and is again at the helm of what has become one of the industry’s most prestigious and successful industry service providers.


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