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Super Jay is that special. And certain visionaries are already beginning to propel him into the universal spotlight.

ESPN recently licensed rapper Dolla Black’s hip-hop recording of All Day for its flagship show Sportscenter. Its writer and producer? Super Jay. Music video juggernaut “Mr. Boom Town” employed Super Jay’s prodigious talents for his series, “On The Set.”

Produced in association with The Fam (producers of Drake’s Draft Day), Super Jay’s newest single, Yo Body, is about men yearning for kisses instead of handshakes--how to break out of the “friend zone” into the “love zone” by revealing how we really feel…a universal message, to be sure.

Born John Kendrick in Oklahoma, Super Jay is now an integral part of the burgeoning Atlanta hip-hop scene. He is a self-taught prodigy who has already opened shows for such famed crooners as Trey Songz and J. Holiday and has already established his magnetic presence in one the world’s foremost music mecca’s...without a major label!

But Super Jay’s path to discovery has not been easy. Growing up, he fought frequent criticism from haters and players. “Why do you want to sing?” they would sneer. “You're just another rapper, so stick with that.” Being young and not yet the secure, mature artist he would become, he yielded for a while to the pressure. But then he would sing to himself at night, emulating one of his personal icons, Usher, and he would know in his heart: “This is ME.”

Ultimately, Super Jay took destiny into his own hands. He embraced the gift God gave him. And now the world will soon hear that voice.

After struggling for several years with little success, Super Jay took matters into his own hands. He started throwing huge public parties accompanied by the soundtrack of his own music. This kind of outside-the-box thinking is the second secret of Super Jay’s ever-expanding fan base. This is what drew Charles Woods and Mike Smiley of PTH Records to him. They saw the reaction of the crowds to Super Jay’s performances and quickly signed him to their independent label. This, in turn, attracted the attention of Mr. Boom Town and ESPN.  

While serving as a house writer and producer last year for the famed Jackson, Mississippi recording studio, Malaco Records, Super Jay impressed well-known artist manager, Ali, enough to sign him to a long-term contract. Malaco, the largest producer and distributor of classic old-school blues, soul, and gospel in the world, gave Super Jay a firm foundation of production and writing skills few hip-hop artists ever get.

Now, together, Super Jay and Ali have plotted a clear course to worldwide recognition, a journey to the stars on a vertical train. Fasten your seat belt. It’s going to be an amazing ride.

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The history of popular music has been punctuated by miraculous moments of inexplicable mystery and magic—discoveries that transformed music and changed the world: Sinatra, Elvis, the Beatles, the Jackson 5, Hendrix, Prince.

Long before the world-at-large discovered these game-changers, though, certain men and women of vision and power had somehow already spotted them. Long after they had propelled these geniuses into the world spotlight they could still recall that sudden shiver, those rising hairs on the back of their neck, that revelation from on high—eyewitnesses to the ignition of eternal flames.

At 24, the artist known as Super Jay has already amassed a body of work that any musical artist would envy. A self-contained singer/ writer/ producer, he endows virtually every track he creates with an infectious, hypnotic sound worthy of the entire world’s ears. And his voice! OMG! Impassioned, unique, deeply soulful. To top it off, Super Jay’s charismatic look evokes envy in men and desire in women.​

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