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The A File: How to Create a Perfect World

The source of nearly all human conflict is poor communications. “What we have here is a failure to communicate.” Cool Hand Luke

The sole exception to that would be evil. But that is a different topic.

If all the children in the world were taught how to communicate effectively, how to express their ideas and their feelings articulately, how to assert themselves when necessary, yet remain conciliatory at all times, then there would be no human conflict. We would all understand each other.

We would see the divorce rate shrink, killings decline, War recede, and we would all enjoy a far more harmonious world. With such universal cooperation, the world’s business and the worldwide economy would rise through the roof. Our universal standard of living would improve tremendously.

We would have a near-perfect world.

Ayn Rand created such a world in “Atlas Shrugged.” A big fat paperback I picked out of the pile to read at my parents’ house somewhere in my 20's, I had no idea what Atlas Shrugged was about when I started reading. 1,000 pages later it had changed my whole outlook on The Way of the World and on mankind.

It wouldn’t hurt, either, for every child to read or be read a Golden Comics version of Atlas Shrugged.

The catch?

Because all children are not capable of grasping these lessons. Or are they? Many bleeding hearts would have us believe that most children get short changed in “Life’s Lottery.” Thus the Welfare State.

Short of being actually mentally challenged in some way (and I am always moved when I see elderly parents caring for mentally or physically challenged sons and daughters) are not all children capable of grasping these ideas? Why would they not be? Sure, we are all born with different levels and different types of intelligence. But God promises us that He has given us all our own special gifts and that we all have the power within us—His Power—to achieve that which He created us to achieve.

So theoretically, the Perfect World is Possible. Education is the key. Effective communications is the door.

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